Castlecomer Community Hall

Mon - Fri 9-9pm

Castlecomer Community Hall is a community facility that is the setting for many public activities and community events in Castlecomer.

The open and spacious building, has numerous rooms, and caters for a multitude of events. It has a large open sports hall, ideal for any indoor sporting activities, from indoor soccer, to yoga and even Karate. To one end of the spacious hall, there is an elevated performing stage, ideal for any drama or choir groups. It can also be used for any award nights, or large gatherings of people e.g. funeral crowds.

The community hall also comprises of numerous small suite rooms, that are available to rent for anyone interested in needing a space i.e. for one-to-one consultation rooms, or slightly larger rooms for smaller groups e.g. small classes, AGM meetings etc.

Towards the end of the hall, there is a working Kitchen that is available to use on request e.g. there is a hospitality committee who cater for all funerals etc.


If you are interested in enquiring more about the facilities of Castlecomer Community Hall, phone the office on (056) 444 1922

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